OxyVibes™ Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner Benefits

OxyVibes™: "The safe, effective and healthy way of keeping your yoga mat clean."
Use OxyVibes™ Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner regularly to wipe away harmful germs, bacteria and dirt while keeping your mat smelling fresh and looking new.
  • OxyVibes™ is the only yoga mat cleaner that uses BioPure Technology to safely and effectively clean and remove sweat, oils and dirt from your mat.  The OxyVibes™ solution is "Safer Choice" certificated by the EPA.
  • OxyVibes™ cleans, refreshes and purifies and is 100% safe and non-toxic for all yoga mats and props.
  • OxyVibes™ rejuvenates your mat's texture and color.
  • Most other yoga mat cleaners on the market use harmful chemicals and ingredients that would be best to avoid contacting your skin and are not good for your health.
  • To maintain a fresh and clean mat it is best to clean it thoroughly before and after your yoga sessions.
  • OxyVibes™ Yoga Mat Cleaner is the safe, effective and healthy solution for creating your ultimate yoga experience.

The OxyVibes™ Story

"Good Vibes...Clean Vibes...OxyVibes™

Our story isn't revolutionary. Rather, it's a simple solution to a common problem: To provide an all-natural, powerful plant-based yoga mat cleaning product that is safe for your body, your mat and the environment and really works!

OxyVibes™ All-Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner was created to solve the ongoing challenge of keeping yoga mats clean, fresh and safe, while keeping you healthy. We all know yoga mats can build up sweat, body oils, dirt, bacteria and odors and must be properly cleaned on a regular basis. The trick is choosing the right yoga mat cleaner that actually works, is safe to breathe, is skin friendly and leaves your mat smelling fresh and new every time.

Imagine the empowering and invigorating feeling we get after an amazing yoga session. Want to know the secret to cleaner and healthier yoga? It's simple. Use OxyVibes™ All-Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner and the OxyVibes™ microfiber towel (we include for you with each bottle) after every yoga workout. Our BioPure™ technology makes OxyVibes™ very simple to use on your yoga mat. All you have to do is spray OxyVibes™ freely all over your mat and then let it sit for 15 seconds. Then gently wipe down your mat with the towel and wipe. That's it. Your yoga mat will be clean, fresh and renewed after each application.

Our mission at OxyVibes™ is to introduce a safe, effective and healthy non-toxic yoga mat cleaning solution to the world with an obsessive attention to detail, total transparency, meticulous craftsmanship, revolutionary innovation and refreshing simplicity.

Here's how we've built the OxyVibes™ product line:

All-Natural Ingredients

OxyVibes™ contains only all-natural ingredients that are skin-friendly but also powerful enough to give your mat a deep clean every time.


OxyVibes™ is safe for your body, your mat and the environment. We don't formulate products with harsh chemicals.

Four Revitalizing Scents

OxyVibes™ is a water-based, biodegradable cleaning solution with no nasty chemicals and is safe for all mats. And of course, we never test our products on animals. We offer OxyVibes™ in 4 different vibrant scents: Natural Fresh, Soothing Lavender, Revitalizing Eucalyptus and Calming Citrus.

Made in the USA

We manufacture OxyVibes™ ourselves. Our production facility is in Southern California and every bottle is made with careful attention to detail because you deserve a product that is effective, safe and reliable.
Become a part of our growing OxyVibes™ healthy living, vitality-minded, yoga passionate community today!
"Good Vibes...Clean Vibes...OxyVibes™"


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